Managing the Media

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How about an Interview?

Media relations may pose a problem for the manager whose first language is not English. If you need to speak with the media, get professional help before you do so. Experts in communication or public relations can guide you through a performance with the media that will help avoid making any serious mistakes. Frankly, such mistakes can be very costly to you and your company.

Sometimes an event happens and you must deal with the media immediately. Here is what you should do:
⦁ You can refuse to comment.
⦁ You can defer comment until you have more information.
⦁ You can comment, but only with information that you definitely know to be true
Some Extra Tips:


Your statement is on the record and will never be erased.


You get a call from a newspaper or a television station. They want to do an interview with you. If your company has a specialist in public affairs, first contact that person. That person can help you decide if you should do the interview, and how best to do it. It may be that your company does not have people with expertise. Then, the following may be helpful.


How should you respond to a request for an interview? Is it important to explain to the public something that is going on with your company? Is this a chance to build better public relations? Should you be the one to do the interview or someone else? It might be a good idea to clear this with your boss.


Remember that the audience for your interview is different from the interviewer. You are talking to the interviewer, but this is not a conversation between friends. The people who read the article or watch the TV program are the general public. You are talking to them.
Keep it simple. Short clear sentences are best. Avoid technical language. Think carefully beforehand what you want to communicate.


Keep in mind that everything that you say to the reporter will be on the record, even if the interviewer assures you that it is off the record. Remember that the reporter is looking for something that will grab the attention of the audience, not just some boring facts. Avoid being drawn into discussing topics that you shouldn’t be discussing at this point.

1. Get Professional Help

  1. Tell the truth or say nothing
  2. It is on the record

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