Just Wing It!

Photo by Wynand Uys on Unsplash

 One day I was walking my dog and came across my neighbor. She stopped to chat and mentioned that tomorrow she was interviewing for an important job with a major company in Peru. She told me that one of the requirements was to be proficient in English and that part of the interview was to be in that language. 

“I’m just going to wing it,” she said. 

With that, she gave a shrug, said goodbye, and went on.

Needless to say, I was surprised. I hadn’t heard that phrase in a long time. It means that I’m not prepared and I hope to fake my way through.

I started thinking about preparation and what it takes to be ready to do something. 

In the case of my neighbor, she is an intelligent and competent person. 

Yet she hadn’t bothered to prepare for an important part of her interview. 

Maybe she really didn’t want the job.

Or perhaps her uncle owns the company.

I don’t know. All I know is that she never mentioned the company again and, as far as I knew, remained unemployed. 

Why don’t we prepare thoroughly for important times in our lives? 

I’m guilty, too.

I’d love to hear your answer. 

Published by pitman

I am a Business English Coach who works with managers and other professionals helping them to perform at their best when it is most important: such as a presentation, meeting with an important client, or a job interview. I am also a resource person for teachers of Business English.

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